Jess McMullin

  • Jess McMullin is a Canadian-based management consultant who uses human-centred design and innovation to tackle the most valuable problems his clients face—from new kinds of government ID to new business models for social income assistance. Working in digital and UX since 1996, today he trains, coaches, and consults with leaders and teams to grow their own internal capability and culture for tackling complex challenges.

    His latest interests in supporting this capability growth for his clients are documenting lean service design practices, simplifying business fluency, and exploring analog tools for innovators.

    Jess believes deeply in the power of design for social good, working mostly with public sector clients since 2009. He speaks and teaches around the world.
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09:00 - 17:30

Aud II

Lean Service Design

The world of services is rapidly shifting with the rising complexity and connectedness of networks, new business models, and expanding expectations. In this world, it’s not just digital that needs a lean, agile approach. The rest of service delivery, from orchestrating touchpoints to organizational change needs to come along too. That’s what lean service design offers: a way for teams to work at a pace that syncs with digital agility, even when you’re in the messy world of physical spaces, people-powered services, and interactions that require more than a chat bot or app. Building on the proven track record of Lean UX, lean service design offers a framework and tools for modern service innovation.




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