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Katy Mogal

  • As Director of User & Design Research at Fitbit, Katy oversees the integration of user insights into the product development process. She is building and leading a team of anthropologists, social scientists, design strategists and Human Factors specialists who work alongside designers and product managers to create new experiences rooted in a deep understanding of user needs, behaviors and desires.

    Katy’s experience in design and user research spans a range of industries from technology and entertainment, to CPG, healthcare and finance. She’s worked in consumer tech firms including Jawbone and Logitech, and for design research pioneer Cheskin,, one of the first design research firms in the Valley. In her spare time she teaches design and research at CCA and Stanford.



09:00 - 12:30

Room 1

Digital Ethnography

We design in screens and interactions, but some of people’s most important experiences with our product occur in real-world moments. Whether users experience our products and services for the first time or the hundredth time, there are pivotal instances when things really resonate and others where they totally break down.  Designers have access to analytics data that show us the “what” – what users are doing in relation to our products.  But that doesn’t give us the “why” – that data can’t tell us about their reactions, their attitudes, and their pain points in those moments. We can ask them about it later, but people are notoriously unreliable at reporting (or even remembering) their experiences after the fact. The good news is, we have a host of digital tools at our disposal that can empower us to understand longitudinal journeys, and the critical experiential moments along the way.  Based on analog digital diaries of the past, they offer us an amazing opportunity to capture the critical instances of interaction with our products and services that make or break the experiences we deliver.

In this workshop, we will introduce the concept of moments-based research and walk through a practitioner-focused primer on the why, what, when and how of adopting this methodology. We will present real-world examples, and a hands-on exercise with a real data-set that will leave participants with an understanding of the amazing access and insight this emerging approach can yield, as well as the ability to apply it to their own work.

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