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Molly Lafferty

  • Molly Lafferty is a product and motion designer based in New York City. As Design Director at This Also, she partners with clients to help shape the next generation of digital products. Molly has lead product vision and strategy for companies including Google and Xbox, and has extensive experience designing cross-platform television experiences including HBO GO. She holds a master's degree in interaction design from Carnegie Mellon University.

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14:00 - 17:30


Designing for Television

As more smart TVs and connected devices enter the market, designers increasingly find themselves faced with large screens and unique inputs like gamepad controllers.

Through a combination of discussion, sketching and hands-on demos, you’ll gain an understanding of the opportunities and limitations of designing experiences for TVs. From working with grids and directional inputs to considering information density and UI motion, you’ll walk away well-equipped to tackle the design of any interactive, large screen experience.

This workshop will cover:

  • The technical constraints and opportunities of TV experiences
  • Interaction models for designing with directional controls
  • Principles for designing UI at scale
  • A basic framework for prototyping with gamepads
  • Considerations for the next-generation of TV technology

This workshop is suitable for any designer interested in learning about design for televisions and gaming consoles. Materials and access to gamepad controllers will be provided. A laptop is suggested to view demos, but not required.

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