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Annina Antinranta Design Director at Futurice Oy
  • Annina is a service designer, design coach, and a co-creator of the Intelligence Augmentation design toolkit. Her roots lie both in art and experience design. For the past twenty years, she has worked with customers from start-ups to multinational companies. With a diverse background in art, service design, UI and UX design, branding, marketing and product design, Annina describes herself as a fusionist. Her aim is to stretch boundaries by connecting the fields of design and technology. In recent years Annina has focused on training and coaching designers and non-tech experts on future smart service creation.



09:00 - 17:30


Intelligence Augmentation for Service Design with Daryl Weir

Machine learning and AI are the talk of the tech industry, but remain shrouded in hype. What does it actually mean to use these technologies in your business? How does including AI in your application change the design process? What can go wrong? In this workshop, we introduce a set of design tools for Intelligence Augmentation: that is, the use of machine learning in user-facing contexts where the goal is to increase rather than replace a human’s capabilities.

Why attend?

Machine learning applications are already commonplace in big tech companies, and are quickly spreading to smaller organisations and traditional industries. There have already been several high-profile ML failure cases, like Microsoft’s Tay chatbot and Cambridge Analytica’s hyper-personalised advertising. To avoid more situations like this, there is a need for good design and stronger links between designers and data experts.

Our tools, based on real-world experience, provide a framework for designing services with a machine learning component. The tools aim to demystify the complex world of AI. They will provide you the knowledge to spot potential areas where ML can benefit your customers. Moreover, they will help ensure that you identify possible problem areas early, and build robust strategies to deal with errors your system might make.

Who should attend?

Our intended audience is service and product designers with an interest in data-driven products. However, much of the material is also relevant to developers, business domain experts, and product managers working on digital services.

What will we cover?

The scope of the workshop is broad, starting from a high level overview of AI & ML, and ending up with a design for a simple intelligence augmentation service. Participants will work in teams, designing a product for an imaginary start-up.

We’ll touch on a lot of topics, including:

  • What is meant by AI, ML & IA, and how these technologies are currently used in different business areas
  • How to identify a business problem that’s worth solving with machine learning
  • How to concept intelligence augmentation services
  • What different kinds of data are common, how they’re collected, and how they’re used
  • The kinds of errors and unexpected situations that machine learning can generate
  • Algorithmic bias and the ethics of machine learning

The workshop will conclude with teams presenting their finished concepts and sharing their learnings.