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Becki Hyde Designer and Product Manager at Pivotal
  • Becki Hyde is a designer and product manager whose specialty is navigating enterprise complexity using lean product management and human-centered design. She loves talking about the intersection of design and technology, and she believes in the power of both to provide access and solutions that give people the freedom to do what they love most.

    At Pivotal, Becki works with enterprise clients who lead Balanced Teams at scale, to fortify their practices and help them support growing teams of Designers, Product Managers, and Engineers. Pivotal teaches principles and practices from Lean Product Management, Human-Centered Design, and Extreme Programming to help people deliver value fast, and have fun while doing it.

    Becki is a regular conference presenter on the topic of collaboration between Product Management and Design, and a local leader for the Louisville IxDA.



09:00 - 12:30

Room 1

Product Management for Designers

Product Managers and Designers work closely together, and influence each other's work. Collaboration and understanding between these two roles is crucial for the success of both. This workshop provides an introduction to Product Management tailored to a designer audience, and gives participants methods for working more effectively with Product Managers, or for moving into that role themselves. During this workshop, participants will gain an understanding of key concepts of Product Management, via activities that demonstrate methods for idea generation, prioritization, and collaboration.


  • What is a Product Manager?
  • Establishing a Vision
  • Idea Generation & Prioritization
  • Product Hypotheses
  • Defining an MVP
  • Building to Learn
  • User Story Writing
  • Story Estimation & Prioritization
  • Working Effectively with Product Managers
  • Tips for Becoming a Product Manager



11:25 - 12:00

Aud I

Making Magic with Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Technology moves fast. To keep up, we must be flexible and collaborative. While specialization is valuable for perfecting your craft, magic happens when cross-disciplinary teams come together to solve problems. In this session, Becki Hyde shows how product designers, software engineers and product managers can work closely together to deliver human-centered software in a world of ambiguity. Learn how the three disciplines can learn from one another, contribute to each others' work and grow their careers all at the same time.