24 to 27 May 2022 Lisbon, Portugal

Bernadette Irizarry

VP Product and Design at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Platform innovator and transformational leader, Bernadette Irizarry has built and led cross-disciplinary teams through game-changing program rollouts for over 20 years. With deep roots in technology and digital communications, she has designed and developed award-winning experiences, products, and campaigns for high-visibility clients across multiple categories, including education, non-profit, and high-tech.

Bern is a regular speaker at conferences, extolling the necessity for empathy inside institutional infrastructures and is the editor of Advances in Information Architecture. She also serves on the boards of various organizations focused on elevating underserved communities in design and tech.

Wed 25 May
Art and Science of Workshop Designwith Stacy Merrill Surla

Workshops are powerful opportunities to connect with individuals and engage teams. When well-done, these gatherings align and inspire participants–leading to deeper understanding, innovation, and solutions for even the most wicked problems.

Poorly-designed or poorly-delivered workshops not only waste time, they drain energy and resources from critical projects–and at their worst can demotivate the individuals and teams they were intended to serve.

Go behind scenes as we tap into the secrets of film and theatre production to deliver effective workshops.

Topics Covered

  • Setting objectives and engaging audiences early
  • Designing your workshop arc through exercises selection
  • Identifying your crew including roles and skillsets necessary for different workshop types
  • Stage management techniques for in-person, virtual and hybrid events
  • Facilitation methods including tips managing nerves and addressing difficult personalities


  • Outline your next workshop using our workshop canvas
  • Write and effective session “logline or pitch”
  • Design your workshop’s flow using our Minute-to-Minute tool
  • Practice leading exercises and hone your facilitator stance through role play and discussion


  • Leave with an action plan for your next workshop or meeting
  • Understand how to select the activities that to deliver better attendee outcomes
  • Get an attendee workbook with tools and resources to improve workshop delivery

Fri May 27
The Stories We Tell

The stories we tell the world about our products and services are polished and clear. We invest in these stories, hire shiny agencies and experts to craft compelling messages to inspire our audiences to respond as we hope. The results are undeniable—higher sales, greater connection, better success—so why are the stories we tell each other internally so lousy? Why aren’t we investing time and effort into our own stories, so our communications to our colleagues sing, our ideas land, our pitches hit.

In this talk, I will share how to harness the power of storytelling to communicate your ideas, light up hearts and minds, and catalyze people into action. Want to inspire change in your organization? Craft your story and tell it well.