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Christine Park Design Leader and Author at Raygunfactory
  • Over the past fifteen years, Christine has been a design leader, strategist, and author, though not all at the same time. Working with companies including Intel, Microsoft, Samsung and Nike, she has created experiences for millions of people around the world. These products have made their way onto wrists and screens, and into pockets, living rooms and public spaces. Her book about physical interfaces, Designing Across the Senses: A Multimodal Approach to Product Design, was published by O’Reilly Media in April 2018. 

  • Author of:
    Designing Across the Senses
    A Multimodal Approach to Product Design Christine Park and John Alderman O'Reilly Media


09:00 - 12:30

Aud II


09:00 - 12:30

Room 2

Designing Across Senses

Some of the topics covered include the new human factors of multimodal design, how human modalities and interface modes complement each other, and some hands-on techniques for creating multimodal experiences.

You will leave with a framework for designing multimodal products, a high-level understanding of the unique usability opportunities and challenges of multimodal design, as well as some practical techniques for mapping and designing multimodal experiences. One important note is that this workshop will not go deeply into designing for any one specific mode, like voice or gesture, rather how to bring them together.

Requirements for attending: There are no requirements for attending, but bring a sketchpad and some drawing tools.