24 to 27 May 2022 Lisbon, Portugal

Dave Hora

Founder at Dave’s Research Company

Dave Hora is the Founder of Dave’s Research Company, a small consultancy in Porto, Portugal.

Dave established the research program as first-researcher at six different companies, including PlanGrid, Instacart, and ResearchGate.

His consulting and training focus on aligning research efforts with product strategy, so that research drives meaningful and high-impact work.

He is also a novice winemaker, with his first vintage (2021) aging in a neutral oak barrel in the Douro Valley.

Wed 25 May
Research Ops: Research Skills Framework

This workshop is designed to give practitioners, research leaders, or product leaders a new frame for understanding and making decisions about research capability in the larger organization. We’ll work with some of the tools in the Research Skills Framework to understand the research value chain, and then profile our organization’s capabilities: highlighting strengths, capability gaps, and areas for investment.

Topics covered

  • We’ll discuss the nature of the research team in an organization and how its structure and operating model can help or hinder its success
  • We’ll use the Research Skills Framework to analyze our current team’s capabilities
  • We’ll look at a leverage-based view for determining where-and-how to grow or invest in research capability
  • We’ll hold open discussion around challenges facing research teams in building strategic influence in the product development process

What kind of exercises will be done

Activities in the workshop are all focused on helping attendees make sense of the research function within their specific organization. We’ll work through a few visual mapping exercises around organizational structure and research capability, and hold some guided discussion on common functional challenges and strategies to address those.

What will the audience take away at the end

Attendees will walk away with a nuanced frame for “how research works” in the organization, how that relates to a product development practice, and what that means for their own research practice or team. The workshop includes a number of table-based sharing activities, aiming to foster collaborative learning and create new researcher-connections.

Any requirements for attending

This workshop is ideal for higher-level research practitioners, research managers, or design/UX managers who oversee research activity — and anyone invested in understanding their own research function and how to grow its impact in the organization. Researchers fairly new to the practice may not have the scope of practice necessary to participate in all of the activities.