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Farai Madzima UX Lead at Shopify (Canada)
  • Born in Zimbabwe, Farai was going to be doctor but didn’t get the grades. Now he's a designer. Make of that what you will.
    Using words, scribbles, and pixels he’s spent the last 14 years helping design and build products and teams in the UK, South Africa and Canada.
    Today, he makes a living designing interactions and leading a team as a UX Lead at Shopify in Ottawa.
    In South Africa, Farai designed banking apps used by many across the continent. He grappled with unique design challenges because most internet users have never used a laptop or desktop. And some buy data by the megabyte.
    Farai enjoys speaking about bridging knowledge gaps between designers. He's appeared at events worldwide, including IXDA Interaction and IASummit.
    He organises Pixel Up! and Source Up! conferences and meetups in South Africa. These events connect designers and developers in Africa with their peers around the world.
    Also, he likes words, in all languages, township jazz, nerdy hip-hop, and the number 127.

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09:00 - 12:30


Moving Thru Mixed Realities

A workshop on designing for mixed realities. Using both play and physical exploration of places, this workshop first provides a human-centered model for design for personal perspectives and perception. The workshop then shows ways in which existing UX and Service Design tools can be augmented to manage product development when users are encountering multiple layers of information thru augmented and virtual reality technologies.

This workshop is about becoming comfortable with the extended spaces we all live in now and then how we can successfully manage products for users who are moving thru Mixed Realities.



17:00 - 18:00

Auditorium I
Closing Keynote

The Dance of The Possible

In our jobs and our design projects we work with ideas all day long - but what do we really know about how ideas work? This entertaining and provocative talk will teach you timeless patterns and useful insights pulled from the history of great projects from the past, ones that can help you be more productive and raise the quality of the ideas you work with. From the surprising origins of the Eiffel tower, to insights from Amazon’s predecessor by more than 100 years, when this talk is over you’ll improve your creative and decision making confidence, and rethink how you think about thinking itself.