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Jessica Outlaw VR/AR Behavioral Scientist at The Extended Mind
  • Jessica Outlaw, M.S., is a culture and behavior researcher in immersive tech and the Founder of The Extended Mind. She uses behavioral science to help XR companies build and test experiences. She does research in digital worlds, app design, and gives trainings to new and experienced designers. She is a 2017 winner of Oculus Launch Pad and you can download her debiasing training app created with Clorama Dorvilias here.



09:00 - 12:30

Aud II

Augmented Reality Interaction Design and Prototyping

Augmented Reality (AR) apps let people see digital renderings in their physical reality. Apple, Facebook, and Snapchat are patenting techniques to insert digital images on top of real world objects and rapidly iterating on interaction design patterns for them.

The goals of the workshop are to give designers or design producers a background on immersive tech, how interaction design, existing AR use cases, and then let participants prototype their own Augmented Reality experience during the workshop.


Part 1: Grounding in the state of the technology today. Participants will demo Mobile AR technology and learn about the range of use cases. 

Part 2: Techniques for AR interaction design and compare and contrast 2D & 3D design patterns.

Part 3: Prototype an AR experience for your portfolio.

What topics will be covered?

Augmented Reality and its potential to influence industries. Specific examples of how AR is already transforming education, entertainment, travel and other industries. And how it can impact a range of experiences such as a restaurant meal, a music concert, a hotel room, or people's homes.

What exercises will be done?

Participants will demo mobile AR and learn about the range of use cases. Next, they will get experience in interaction design and prototyping for AR. Participants can choose to prototype their experiences solo or in groups and then share with the group. The group will also debrief on the potential for interaction design to impact an experience. 

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

Grasp of the fundamental capabilities of augmented reality technologies. Secondly, experience doing interaction design for AR. Inspired to be more involved in immersive technologies! 

Any pre-requisites for attending?

No augmented reality experience is needed.

It is recommended (although not mandatory) that attendees bring iOS devices with iOS 12.



    09:45 - 10:15

    Aud I

    Using Embodied Cognition to Create Novel Interaction Design Patterns

    Embodied cognition is the study of how a person's physical body can play a role in the cognitive processing of information.  For example, scientists have found that humans perform better on memory tasks when we offload storage to our bodies and our environments.  Now, as Virtual and Augmented Reality technology becomes increasing common, there are new possibilities for designers to apply years of research on embodied cognition. 

    Come learn how immersive technology allows for real-time feedback based on how the user is moving and where their gaze is directed. And how you can create novel interaction design patterns that improve a user's attention and memory and influence their decision-making and problem-solving.