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Kate Rutter Principal at Intelleto
  • Kate Rutter is a designer, design educator and entrepreneur. With 20 years building digital products, she's helped hundreds of practitioners bring customer empathy and collaborative design practices to their work. Kate is an adjunct professor of interaction design at California College of the Arts and co-hosts the NSFW podcast What Is Wrong With UX with Laura Klein. Kate believes in the power of communicating in pictures, that sharpie pens smell like ideas, and that collaborative and optimistic people have the power to change the long as they have a pack of sticky notes.



09:00 - 12:30


Measure What Matters Crafting UX Success Metrics

As UX designers, we are storytellers who blend words and pictures into compelling experiences. And yet, our current methods don't answer the big question: "does our product work for our users?" By adding metrics to our design toolkit, we are better equipped to measure interactions that are core to the product.

In this workshop we'll explore the world of measures, metrics, and performance indicators as you create actionable, UX-centered metrics to gain insights into your product’s progress.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • The components of an effective product metric
  • How to identify clear, specific, actionable, quantitative, and time-based product metrics
  • Using sketching and brainstorming to find the best metrics to measure common user interactions
  • Designing instrumentation into your interfaces
  • Tips to track your metrics over time.

You'll leave this workshop with the skills to make an "awesome" metric and a metrics plan that you can put to immediate use. In this workshop, you pick the product you want to work can use your actual product, or a new idea for a product (you know...the one you've been incubating for a while!) Whatever you choose, you'll leave the room primed to implement a solid metrics program.

This workshop is for all quant-curious designers.



15:10 - 15:45

Aud I

Escaping the Stagnation Sandpit

Building a Continuous Learning Team

For a business to thrive, it must find and retain strong UX talent that creates customer-centered products and services. Most professionals don’t have time to continually expand their knowledge of new technologies and tools, but their work relies on this currency. How can we stay up-to-date in a world constantly in flux?

This talk explores techniques to build a culture of continuous learning in the workplace for new and seasoned professionals who want to stay current on emerging tools and avoid stagnation. Learn techniques that UX teams can use to be agile and resilient in the face of ever-evolving technologies.