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Marc Rettig Managing Principal at Fit Associates
  • Marc Rettig’s career spans nearly 40 years. His work as designer, researcher, and educator has put him on the frontier where design meets social and strategic questions. His firm, Fit Associates, equips people and teams with the fundamentals of social pattern-shifting and collaboration across differences. Marc is a founding faculty member of the MFA in Design for Social Innovation program at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and a Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Practice at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Design.



14:00 - 17:30

Room 2

Dialogue Facilitation Hosting conversations that matter

Design and design research efforts are effective to the extent that they impact the organisation. We could say that the work of design is conversational: the quality of the result is dependent on the quality of the conversation we moderate between our organisation and the people for whom we create. Have the same old conversation with customers, have the same old conversation between your team and the rest of your organisation – get the same old results.

Too often, a team’s conversational arsenal is limited to enthusiastic vision, heartfelt persuasion, or plain old argument. This workshop is based on the premise that UX and design professionals can increase their effectiveness by expanding their kit of communication tools beyond observation and interviews, beyond meetings and presentations, advocacy, and persuasion. Let’s increase our portfolio of tools for fostering good conversation.

Happily, the world is providing us with a rich selection of additional tools. In this workshop, we will experience a few of them, and survey the larger landscape of organisational dialogue.

Activities and topics include:

  • Collective story harvest
  • World cafe
  • The facilitation building block
  • Situation modelling
  • The continuum of communication – a design framework for influence and advocacy

You’ll come away with a sense of the wide range of methods for conversation design, and a personal experience of some of the methods. Workshop materials include an extended reading list and directory of online resources and facilitation guides.