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Michael Metts Conversation Design Lead at Allstate
  • Michael has designed mobile apps, conversational AI products, multi-site web platforms, technical software, and more. With a background in journalism, he frequently finds himself talking about the critical role words play in designing useful, usable experiences. He has given talks and taught workshops on the topic at industry conferences around the world. He’s also writing a book about it.

  • Author of:
    Designing with Words
    How to Write for Interfaces Michael Metts and Andy Welfle To be published in 2019


14:00 - 17:30

Room 2

Voice and Tone for Interfaces

Interface components like buttons, menus, errors, and confirmation messages are built with words, and it’s remarkable how much a consistent voice and tone matter. Are you using an efficient, informative voice, or do you sound more like a quirky, lovable goofball? The appropriate voice builds trust, increases retention, humanizes interactions, and ultimately drives conversions and other business goals.

Drawing on his experience writing and designing for digital products, Michael will teach you how to apply these concepts to your work.

This workshop will cover:

  • Discovery:

    Learn about what voice and tone are and see examples of how different teams apply them. Practice gathering meaningful feedback from your users and stakeholders as you develop your voice.

  • Definition:

    Explore how tone should change based on what your users are going through, then practice applying tone decisions in different situations.

  • Scalability:

    Learn how to maintain consistency in your organization. See how voice and tone play a role in design systems, pattern libraries, and style guides.