24 to 27 May 2022 Lisbon, Portugal

Scott Kubie

Author of "Writing for Designers"

Scott Kubie is a designer who writes. He's the author of Writing for Designers and publishes the weekly UX Writing Events newsletter.

A leading voice in UX content, Scott trains teams how to improve their products with content strategy, UX writing, and information architecture.

He has led over 80 talks and workshops for international audiences, as well as dozens of on-site training events for clients including Harvard, The Getty, and the IRS.

Wed 25 May
How to Get the UX Writing Done

Writing UX copy for apps and the web can feel difficult or even impossible. If you search online for help, you'll find lots of articles with the same old advice: write clear headlines, write scannable text, use plain language, explain benefits instead of features. That's all good advice, but it’s about what to write. How, exactly, are designers and design teams supposed to produce that writing? What does it mean to do UX writing? How do we actually plan the writing and get it done?

Scott will show you how in this workshop. You'll learn to:

  • Identify types of UX content, and apply important considerations in writing each
  • Scope and articulate writing assignments in the context of a larger design project
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of a design writer (or UX writer)
  • Plan, execute, and improve writing workflows for you and your team
  • Apply editing lenses and other tools to improve your writing
  • Solicit and manage feedback on your writing

This is a workshop about processes. It's focused on tools, workflows, methods, and principles that help you get the writing done on design projects. It's aimed at designers and other UX professionals who need reliable methods for dealing with content on their projects.

This is not a workshop on "best practices" for interface copy, or how to choose the words for a given button or label, at least not directly. We’ll be focused less on the mechanics of writing well – which are covered in many excellent books – and focus much more on what it’s like to deal with UX writing and interface copy as part of a larger design process.

Participants will benefit from bringing a laptop or tablet they can use to type on and browse web content during the workshop.

Fri May 27
Dear User, Let's Be Friends

One of the best books on user experience design is Dale Carnegie’s 1936 How to Win Friends and Influence People. No, really. This classic manual on human relations is more relevant than ever as human-computer interaction increasingly mimics human-to-human interaction. (Consider: conversational design, chatbots, voice interfaces, AI assistants, etc.)

In this session, you'll learn how to craft friendlier, more humane experiences by applying Carnegie’s “Nine Golden Principles to Become a Friendlier Person” to the design of digital things. Each principle is illustrated with examples of good and (hilariously) bad practices. If your app or site knows how to smile, your users might smile right back. Doesn’t that sound nice?