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Tom Kelley General Manager of IDEO


16:50 - 17:40

Aud I

From Design Thinking to Creative Confidence

Individuals and organizations all over the world are experimenting with design thinking as a methodology for helping them create innovative user experiences. In this presentation, IDEO Partner Tom Kelley will describe the opportunity to go beyond understanding the toolset of design thinking and embrace a mindset of creative confidence. Drawing on his research from the New York Times bestseller this topic, Tom will highlight strategies for nurturing continuous innovation, such as:

  • Practicing curiosity and careful observation
  • Painting a picture of the world with your idea in it
  • Daring to offer fewer features but more simplicity
  • Reinforcing a culture of ideas and learning
  • Making big change via small experiments

Throughout his presentation, Tom will illustrate his ideas using real-life examples from thirty years of working in the field of design and innovation.