Meet world renowned speakers

Dan Brown

Co-founder of EightShapes

In 2006, Dan Brown co-founded EightShapes, a design firm based in Washington, DC. EightShapes designs digital products and systematizes design standards for Fortune 500 clients. Most recently, Dan has conducted user research for a higher education product, designed an application for architects seeking a license, and lead the design of a web-based consumer application for a major educational publishing company.

Boon Sheridan

UX Designer

Over the last twenty years Boon has had job titles like site producer, content specialist, information architect, interaction designer, user researcher, stage manager, and voice-over actor. Between bouts of title whiplash he’s helped build some very big things, some very small things and learned a lot along the way.

Cornelius Rachieru

Managing Director of Ampli2de Inc.

Cornelius is the founder of Canadian UX consultancy Ampli2de Inc., where he explores his fascination with the politics of design while leading enterprise-scale experience and service design projects.

Alastair Somerville

Sensory Design Consultant.

He provides specialist advice on wayfinding, cognition and user centred design to companies and public organisations who provide both physical and digital services.

Kim Goodwin

VP of Product & User Experience at PatientsLikeMe

Kim Goodwin is VP of Product and User Experience at PatientsLikeMe, where her team helps patients with serious diseases live better today and drive medical research for tomorrow.

Cyd Harrell

Chief of Staff, 18F at General Service Administration

Cyd is a user research expert who believes you can answer any question as long as you are fearless and creative about methods.

Stacey Seronick

AI Intent and Experience Strategy Designer at Wells Fargo Bank

Currently, I am an AI Intent and Experience Strategy Designer at Wells Fargo Bank, within the Innovation group. I have been designing, writing and strategizing for services and products for about 20 years, and hold a Master’s degree in HCID. In my free time, I paint math-based oil paintings, write blog posts and poetry, and draw lumpy stick-people cartoons. And try to spare anyone else the pain of listening to me practice electric bass.

Kevin Cannon

Principal Designer at Frog

Kevin is a Principal Designer at frog specialising in Interaction Design. He has designed medical devices, smart home products and museum exhibitions and has laughed and cried in many usability tests along the way. His favourite twitter feed is the @internetofshit account and his goal when designing products is to avoid being featured on it. To date, he has not been 100% successful in that goal. Ask over a beer and he might even tell you why.

Dan Lockton

Director of the Imaginaries Lab at Carnegie Mellon University

Dan is Assistant Professor and Chair of Design Studies at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and founder and director of the Imaginaries Lab, a new research group.

Jess McMullin

Management Consultant

Jess McMullin is a Canadian-based management consultant who uses human-centred design and innovation to tackle the most valuable problems his clients face—from new kinds of government ID to new business models for social income assistance.